Ring Size Chart

The average ring size available for women ranges from size F (UK) to size R.

Measuring your ring size at home:

  • wrap a string around the base of your desired finger
  • mark the point where the end meets
  • measure the string with a ruler in mm
  • select the nearest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

At Zalery, if the display ring is not your size you can place an order with your chosen ring size. Please contact us for further enquiry. 

14mm F 3
14.5mm G 3.5
15mm H 4
15.3mm I 4.5
15.6mm J 5
16.2mm K 5.5
16.6mm L 6
16.9mm M 6.5
17.2mm N 7
17.8mm O 7.5
18.1mm P 8
18.5mm Q 8.5
19.1mm R 9
19.4mm S 9.5
19.7mm T 10
20.4mm U 10.5
20.7mm V 11
21.0mm W 11.5
21.6mm X 12
22mm Y 12.5
22.3mm Z 13
22.9mm Z+2 13.5
23.2mm Z+3 14